Navigating the waters of life by living in the moments and the spaces between.

This is a place where you can find some thoughts on a mindful health style while living life in the moments and spaces inbetween. We all want to live a life of fullness. So how do we do it? The answer is to ride the waves and don’t tame them. Exercise your mind, body, and soul. These are the mirepoix of life. It’s the foundation for a life of fullness. You’ll find some writings on life, health, and mindfulness here. I’ll share my writing and a few secrets. And of course some moments of play!

I live in Connecticut where you learn to cultivate a keen sense of mindfulness, since the weather can change within a matter of moments.  As a Connecticut native, I have been privy to dodging deer with my car, being stuck between the Red Sox and Yankee pride, and knowing someone who knows someone at any event I attend. Heck, it’s a small state.

Some other places that I called home for a very short period of time were Providence Rhode Island where I graduated from Providence College with a Bachelors of Science in Business and French. I also lived in Switzerland to study more French and learned to find my love of exploring new things. This is where I also developed a sense of self. I found that it was important to take care of me-through real food, smart exercise, and making time to play.

My work experience over the years has ranged from entrepreneur, pharmaceutical sales representative, Pilates instructor, community college teacher and real estate agent. My favorite job has been, and will always be, mom. I have two adult daughters. I believe there is always a “new motherhood” in the offing, no matter how old your children get.

My writing has appeared in MidlifeBoulevard, Mothering in the Middle, Awaken Everyday-Copper Beach Institute
and my essay, “Mom-On- Demand,” appeared in  the book The Zen of Midlife Mothering.