Review by By Roberta. Tansman, “This is, in part, a book for every person approaching midlife. Its wide-span ranges from the tragedy of infertility, domestic adoption, lesbian and gay adoption, and single men becoming parents. As Lori Pelikan Strobel expresses her “reset button” in “Mom-On-Demand,” by writing, “I am still mom, now and forever, as I sit here in my office trying to figure out where my life is headed.” Doesn’t Lori express everyone’s midlife quest?

The Zen raises important universal questions, makes us reflect on our own lives and offers practical advice. Cyma Shapiro’s organization of these essays contributes to the power of the book. This is a very powerful book. It rescues people from feelings of isolation and despair. This book starts with a beautiful, heartfelt poem by Rachel Snyder and ends with a useful reference section filled with practical information. It is a MUST READ book for everybody in middle-life.”

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Writers and mothers Lydia Chiappetti and Lori Pelikan Strobel discuss the many aspects of children leaving/coming back home and share their personal writings about this, too!

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Featured over on Watered Grass podcast about my work as a Therapy Dog Handler.

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