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How Do You Find the Right Dog for You?

You are yearning for a puppy. You can imagine the softness of its fur as it snuggles in your arms. You can almost smell its sweet puppy breath as you picture him planting wet nose kisses on your face. Do you envision yourself with a Golden Retriever puppy, or perhaps a Malitpoo? What type of dog breed is the best fit for you and your lifestyle?

Just like people, dogs come in different personalities and sizes. They, too, have many different needs. Whatever your needs are, a dog will be your buddy for a lifetime and he deserves to fit into your lifestyle. Are you looking for an active dog that would make a great running mate? Do you prefer to snuggle on the couch with a cozy, small lap dog? If your dog doesn’t meet your expectations, then neither one of you will be happy.

There is a helpful quiz developed by PuppySpot to help you find the perfect puppy match. Some questions to help answer what type of dog breed is best for you include where you live, do you like barking, and do you want to be involved in alot of training.

Louie the puppy

Louie the Puppy

Is it time for you to get a puppy? After picturing the sweet cuddles and kisses from your new furbaby, please remember he will suddenly pee on your carpet, floor, and sofa. Those first few months of puppyhood are very tiring. As much as you want a dog, please pause and think if it’s the right time for you. If you are rarely home due to work or an active social schedule, then you might want to wait. There is nothing sadder than not having time with your dog and your dog not having time with you.

After you take the quiz, take some time to learn about the breeds that might be right for you. Not all breeds are listed, but the chart gives you a good direction to follow in what breed is best for your lifestyle. Once you decide, check out local shelters, breeders, or PuppySpot to find your perfect puppy. Good luck, and here’s to many wagging tails and wet nose kisses for both of you. Here is the quiz below:

photo credit: PuppySpot breed flowchart

PuppySpot breed flowchart


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