Waggleview® with Alicia Daw, Wedding Photographer

Waggleview® with Alicia Daw, Wedding Photographer

A waggleview® reveals the incredible bond between the human and animal connection. These special interviews remind us to mindfully live in the moment, as our pets do every single day. Read our featured waggleview® to find out what lesson in life her dog has taught her and what’s her dog’s philosophy on life.

The Dog Owner: Alicia Daw, Wedding photographer. I preserve emotional and timeless moments from classic and stately affairs in New England and Europe. You can find some of the beautiful moments I’ve captured at Alicia Ann Photographers.


Dog type and Name: Samoyed, Atlas

Waggleview® with Alicia Daw, Wedding Photographer

Q: Why did you choose this dog? My husband had a Samoyed when he was a child. When we began to look at breeds for ourselves, he would always say “This type of breed just doesn’t compare to my old dog Frosty.” Eventually I said “Well, I think your mind is made up, so let’s get a Samoyed.”

Q: If Atlas was a wedding photographer, where would his favorite location be in photographing newlyweds? 

Atlas would definitely ONLY shoot weddings in Alaska and Siberia. He would probably never book a wedding in the Caribbean or on sandy beaches, because that would sound like a miserable situation to him, haha.

Q: Do you talk to your dog? If so, what do you talk about? We ask him questions- mostly just to see his reactions.

Q: If he could talk to you, what would he say? I think Atlas would be a total smartass. Everyone who knows him says he’s the smartest dog they’ve ever met. We are always narrating what we think he’s thinking…and it’s usually some smart ass remark.

Q: If your dog had a job or career, what would he be doing? He takes his job of being the neighborhood watch dog pretty seriously. I think if he could do something professionally, he would find a way to make a career of being a nosy neighbor.

Q: What lesson in life has your dog taught you? That no matter how tired you may be, going outside will always give you a boost of energy!

Q: Where is your dog’s favorite place to go with you? The beach!

Q: Who or what does your dog find the most interesting? My 6 month old, and his brother, Alex.

Waggleview® with Alicia Daw, Wedding Photographer

Q: What is the most annoying thing other dog owners do? I recently heard of a person who wiped their dogs butt every time it went to the bathroom. I love my dog, but not THAT much.

Q: What does being a responsible dog owner mean to you? Engaging your dog in activity, and recognizing him/her as a member of the family.

Q: Do you ever dress up your dog? If so, as what? We’ve tried putting hats on him, but he won’t have it. Instead, I opt for cute collars.

Q: How has your dog changed your life? He’s brought my husband and I closer together. He was the common ground between us when times got challenging in our marriage.

Waggleview® with Alicia Daw, Wedding Photographer

Q: Does your dog have a philosophy of life? Work hard, play hard.

Q: I love my dog because his personality is hilarious. He drives me batty most days, but it’s because he’s smarter than me and knows it. His fluffy cuddles are the best thing in the world, and I love watching his face light up when he gets to do something exciting (which is pretty much anything that involves play)

Waggleview® with Alicia Daw, Wedding Photographer

Q: Have you ever made dog treats for your dog? If so, please share your recipe. Our go-to treat for him is plain greek yogurt, peanut butter, and banana all mixed up together- put into his Kong and then freeze.

WAGGLEVIEW®: These interviews are focused on leaders in business, the community, or at home. My hope in doing this is to present remarkable and respected people in their community with their beloved pets. Who can resist reading about pets and what these people do? This is a platform for people to display their talents; their own business, a new book, a deeply loved passion for a charity or their own job. It also shows their love for their pet!

Thank you Alicia for taking the time to participate in the Waggleview®.

What lesson in life has your dog taught you?

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