Waggleview® with Stephanie Owens, Online Interior Designer

Waggleview® with Stephanie Owens, Online Interior Designer

The Dog Owner: Stephanie Owens: Online Interior Design of All Things Glamorously Whimsical and Branding Strategist for Fellow Creatives. You can find her at Paper Moon Interiors.

 Waggleview® with Stephanie Owens, Online Interior Designer

Dog type and Name: Mr. Darcy (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and Khaleesi (Cocker Spaniel Mix)


Q: Since you’re an interior designer, I was wondering what’s your dogs sense of style? How would they decorate a room? Any must have pieces for them?

 Mr. Darcy would definitely go for a vintage British vibe, very mod and James Bond. Must have pieces would be a worn leather chair and bar cart filled with doggie treats.

Waggleview® with Stephanie Owens, Online Interior Designer

Khaleesi, on the other hand is much more feminine and airy, leaning towards a modern French look. She’s right at home on my pink tufted settee (she’s claimed it as her own) and adores sparkly chandeliers, fur rugs, and fluffy pillows.

Waggleview® with Stephanie Owens, Online Interior Designer 

Q: Why did you choose these dogs?

My husband and I first got our corgi because we did research on what would be a great dog for apartment and small home living. Corgis are also so dang cute and my husband rescued a dog for a short time that was part corgi and he fell in love.

Our girl, Khaleesi, is a rescue and we chose her because of her sweetness. We did, however, have an alert for any dogs in the area that came into shelters that were corgis or beagles. She was listed as a corgi-beagle mix, so that’s how we found out about her. (We did DNA testing and she is neither corgi nor beagle- we still love her anyway!)


Q: Do you talk to your dogs? If so, what do you talk about?

 All the time! Basically about how the day is going, how much I love them, which fabric goes with which best! They’re my design assistants, so they help make all the decisions.


 Q: If they could talk to you, what would they say?

 If Mr. Darcy could speak, I’m sure he’d as for chest rubs and Khaleesi would ask if she’s pretty. They’d also tell me they love me.


Waggleview® with Stephanie Owens, Online Interior Designer 

Q: If your dogs had a job or career, what would they be doing?

 Mr. Darcy would be a celebrity. No real claim to fame- just famous because he’s so good looking. And he’d be one of those celebrities that never smiled for the camera or cared about his fans. He’s a corgi- corgi owners will get it.

Khaleesi would be a gymnast. She’s very athletic and bouncy. She loves to try and climb walls to get squirrels.

 Q: What lesson in life have your dogs taught you?

 Unconditional love. Family life has never been the best, and even when I was a kid, my dogs were my world. No matter how bad a day I’ve had, I always come home to two crazy pups that just want to see me.

 Waggleview® with Stephanie Owens, Online Interior Designer


Q: How do your dogs inspire you?

 They literally inspire me to take a break. Khaleesi can sense when I’m stressed and working too hard and she will put her head on my lap like she’s telling me to take a break and see her.


 Q: Where is your dogs favorite place to go with you?

 They love going to the dog beach where they can be off leash. We also take them on our vacations with us. If a hotel isn’t pet-friendly, it’s out of the question.


Waggleview® with Stephanie Owens, Online Interior Designer 

Q: Who or what do your dogs find the most interesting?

 Khaleesi loves everyone, but is especially interested in the other dogs in our neighborhood. We think she must have either had pups of her own or originally came from a home with a lot of dogs.

Darcy is a watch dog. He sits and looks out the window all day to alert me that someone has walked by. He is also very interested in anyone that will give him chest rubs.

 Waggleview® with Stephanie Owens, Online Interior Designer


Q: What is the most annoying thing other dog owners do?

 Not picking up after their dogs. We live in a small gated community that is extremely clean, except for dog poo. And we have a community station with trash and extra bags. It’s disrespectful. If you can’t clean up after your dog, don’t have one.


Q:  What does being a responsible dog owner mean to you?

 Being there for my dogs in all stages of life. It breaks my heart seeing older dogs in shelters that were dumped because owners didn’t want to deal with what comes with senior dogs. I will be there for my dogs until their final moments.


Waggleview® with Stephanie Owens, Online Interior Designer 

Q:  Do you ever dress up your dogs? If so, as what?

 Umm, yeah. When we first got Mr. Darcy we used to dress him up for Halloween. He’s been Darth Vader, Captain Jack Sparrow, Nacho Libre.

We don’t really dress Khaleesi up, but I do like to put my scarves on her from time to time to help her feel pretty.

Mr. Darcy does have a bow tie on his collar, while Khaleesi’s has a flower. 

 Q:  How have your dogs changed your life?

 We don’t have kids. Our pups are our kids. They both bring me so much joy, especially when times are hard. When my mom died, Mr. Darcy was with me all week while I stayed in bed. He could sense how sad I was. And afterwards, we got Khaleesi because I needed a girl in my life. We’re best girlfriends.


 Waggleview® with Stephanie Owens, Online Interior Designer

Q:  Do your dogs have a philosophy of life?

 Khaleesi’s would be stay pretty and stay kind.

Mr. Darcy’s would be all I need is food, chest rubs, and my family.

 Q:  I love my dog because they are always there for me when I need some happiness.


WAGGLEVIEW®: These interviews are focused on leaders in business, the community, or at home. My hope in doing this is to present remarkable and respected people in their community with their beloved pets. Who can resist reading about pets and what these people do? This is a platform for people to display their talents; their own business, a new book, a deeply loved passion for a charity or their own job. It also shows their love for their pet!

Thank you Stephanie for taking the time to participate in the Waggleview®.

What’s your dog’s sense of style? How would they decorate a room?

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