“Act of Kindness Day 10: Random Notes of Kindness”

“Write down as many kind, sweet, and romantic messages as you can, and then hide them in various places around the house where your special someone will find them in the coming days and weeks.”

Mission Accomplished: It was fun coming up with special little messages for my loved ones. My husband will be home from a business trip tonight. Let’s see if he notices the ones left in the closet and bathroom mirror.

IMG_8984 (4)

My older daughter will be home for the holidays so I surprised her with a few notes too. (Let’s hope she isn’t reading this because then she’ll find out).

IMG_8987 (2)

My younger daughter will be home after grad school finals. I put some notes in places that I knew she would be…her bed (since she will be exhausted) and her bedroom wall.


I even left one in the dog food bin from the dog! Heck, he thinks everyone is pawesome! 🙂


I remember putting notes in my children’s lunchbox when they were young and notes in my husband’s suitcase when he traveled. I wonder why I stopped writing them. Well, I going to start to find new ways to write to my family. Notes of kindness puts a smile on everyones faces!

Did you write any notes of kindness today?

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