In the Beauty of Differences

Beauty of Differences

Summer, Fall. Give, take. Triumphant turns. At transition, a peaceful co-existence. Notice. Flourish in the beauty of differences.                                                                        Enjoy your transition from...

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A Father's Love

A Father’s Love

"A father teaches how to live by living a life of example. A father teaches how to respect by always being there for family. A father teaches how to dream by encouragement and belief. A father teaches how to trust by countless acts of unselfishness. A father teaches how...

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bench photo image source: Copper Beach Institute

On Awaken Everyday

I’m so delighted to contribute an essay to Copper Beach Institute's Awaken Everyday blog, a great site for mindfulness and "real life wisdom for living a life of calm, compassion, and true happiness." My most recent piece about The Gift of Mindfulness was just published.  I...

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"It is a happy talent to know how to play" Ralph Waldo Emerson

Press Play

Looking ahead, I wish you much peace, love, and happiness. The secret of life is to live in the open spaces of the heart. As the seasons change, we change too. Our needs and wants change like the currents of the ocean and the wind...

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Books to Read

Great Gift Ideas

Looking for some good gifts to give? Check out this updated list for the book, body, and soul lovers in your life. Top gifts for the book lover: For the book lovers, there is a book light, a Kindle or Nook, an e-reader stand, a gift card and...

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