Act of Kindness Day 22: And The Winner Is…

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Do One Random Act of Kindness Daily

“Two days ago we asked you, our kind readers, to recommend an Act of Kindness for the group, and we’re happy to say that you didn’t diappoint. The only sad part is that we had so many amazing suggestions, it was hard to choose just one.
But choose we must, and the winner is CM Beach, who suggested the following:
Go back and do an Act of Kindness from another day that you missed out on, but really want to do!
And incidentally, when doing this don’t be limited to one of the AoKs from the calendar. Feel free to do one of the many awesome entries from the contest if you prefer.”

Photo credit from Luke Cameron @lopwert

Mission Accomplished: For my Act of Kindness I would like to write a thank you note. I just recently came across the good deeds of others this man has participated in over the last year.  I would like to give a big thank you to Luke Cameron @lopwert and his journey with the nicest job in Britain and @UA_Energy. He visited 45 charities over the course of the a year. What he found were inspirational causes, passionate and compassionate individuals driven by the force to make the world better. I’m so thankful he had this opportunity to see what good is out there and how he could share his stories.

“The amount of angles that have dropped from heaven that I have had the honour of meeting is beyond belief. Thousands of people scattered across this country that so tirelessly dedicate their lives to making sure that people, animals and everything in between are cared for, looked after and respected.”


Photo credit from Luke Cameron @lopwert

Thank you to all of the dedicated angels who do make this world kinder.

See read more about his story click HERE. You can also follow him @lopwert and see how he was chosen to have the nicest job in Britain.

See you here over the next three days for my final days of AoKs. If you are just joining me, you can check out my original post on How To Deliver Acts of Kindness.

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