Full Moon

Full Moon


The moon leaned her full,

round face so close to mine

that her mountains touched

the furrows of my brow.


“I have a secret,” she said

with a wink. I waited.

“You’re not dead until you’re

dead,” she said. I was a bit



“You’re not impressed?” the

moon asked, looking just a

bit perplexed. “Well, let me

put it this way then.”


“You’ve got every single day that

you’re alive to really live. Isn’t

that due cause for a celebration?”

Her enthusiasm was infectious.


The moon bent low, just missing

a collision with a flying wedge of

geese. “So what are you doing

this evening?” she asked. ‘Im


being me,” I said. “Oh, that’s

the best!” the moon replied, and

smiling widely, resumed her

place in the starlit sky.


~Donna Faulds


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