“How would your dog express himself as an artist?” Waggleview with artist, Susan Tilton Pecora

Please read the Waggleview below to find out about this remarkable woman leader and her dog. Woof on!

The Dog Owner: Susan Tilton Pecora has been painting the streets and shorelines of New England, exhibiting and selling her work through galleries and art guilds for the past twenty-five years. She works in watercolor and tempera. Pecora is a signature member of the New England Watercolor Society, and hosted the PBS affiliate WGBY show “Reflections Through Watercolor”. Her work has been featured in “American Artist” magazine, the book “Splash 7: The Best in Watercolor” 13 of her paintings were used to create a calendar for Farm Aid and, at the request of her Congressman, she created an ornament for the White House Christmas tree. She has received numerous Cultural Council Grants to create paintings for libraries throughout New England as well as a Rotary International Grant to paint and exhibit her work in France.
She is represented by James R. Bakker Art & Antiques, Provincetown, Ma.
Salmon Falls Artisans Showroom, Shelburne Falls, R. Michelson Gallery, Northampton & Arnould Gallery, Marblehead, Ma. Visit her website at susanpecora or on Facebook at susanpecoraart.

Dog type and Name: Archie Sinclair Pecora –  English Setter

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Q: Why did you choose this dog?

We chose each other.

Q: Do you talk to your dog? If so, what do you talk about?

Yes, and he talks back. His voice sounds a bit like Gilbert Gottfried, but he is very insightful.

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Q: If he could talk to you, what would he say?

Oh we talk about the weather, boids in the trees..his pronunciation…, whether to go for a walk or sleep on the couch, when to eat, go for a ride in the car…the normal dog/person stuff.

Q: If your dog had a job or career, what would he be doing?

He would lead outdoor adventure groups: birdwatching, hiking, swimming, and mountain climbing.

Q: What lesson in life has your dog taught you?

Not to sweat the small stuff, roll over, show your belly or just relax and watch the birds till the storm passes over. Enjoy being on the planet.


 Q: If your dog were an artist, what would be his favorite subject to paint? Or would he create sculptures? What medium would he use to create his art?

Archie IS an artist, he expresses himself through song, he is a Scottish Folk singer.



Q: How does your dog inspire you?

He is very paintable and loves to pose for me. He also LOVES to sing and eat vegetables and flowers straight out of the garden so he gets me out gardening and singing when I am not painting.


Q: Where is your dog’s favorite place to go with you?

Burgundy Brook Farm where he will run with me while I cross country ski in the winter or swim in the river during the warmer months. In autumn he likes leaping through the tall hay fields like a gazelle.

Q: Who or what does your dog find the most interesting?

Bagpipe players, he absolutely loves anyone who can play the bagpipes. I once found him out in the barn singing his heart out to a bagpipe player on the radio. He actually be performed his second on stage gig at the Academy of Music in Northampton, MA. in February with his favorite live bagpipe player, Jeff Kern.

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Q: What is the most annoying thing other dog owners do?

Treat their dogs like any other possession instead of a sentient being.

Q: What does being a responsible dog owner mean to you?

Spend time with your dog, socialize him/her. Do not lock them up in a crate or let them run wild.

Q: Do you ever dress up your dog? If so, as what?

Archie has a blanket he likes to wrap himself up in on the couch, other than that he is pretty spectacular in the nude.

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Q: How has your dog changed your life?

I love his laid back take on life and his joie de vivre when singing or leaping through pastures.

Q: Does your dog have a philosophy of life?

Do not sweat the small stuff, in fact do not even sweat the big stuff, sleep it off on the couch or jump in with all four paws and ENJOY!!!!

Q: I love my dog because of his philosophy of life.

Q: Have you ever made dog treats for your dog? If so, please share your recipe.

I make him Dog Soup. When I find appropriate leftovers in the fridge, I add water, a touch of olive oil, warm it up and pour over kibble.

WAGGLEVIEWS: These interviews are focused on woman leaders in business, the community, or at home. My hope in doing this is to present remarkable and respected women in their community with their beloved pets. Who can resist reading about dogs and what these women do? This is a platform for women to display their talents; their own business, a new book, a deeply loved passion for a charity or their own job. It also shows their love for their dog!

Thank you Susan for taking the time to participate in the Waggleview.

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