Updating web address to Lori Pelikan

Updating Web Address

There are changes coming to my website! Some of the changes will reflect my love for living a mindful healthy lifestyle while living life in the moments. We all want to live a life of fullness. So how do we do it? The answer is to ride...

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A Father's Love

A Father’s Love

"A father teaches how to live by living a life of example. A father teaches how to respect by always being there for family. A father teaches how to dream by encouragement and belief. A father teaches how to trust by countless acts of unselfishness. A father teaches how...

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Snow Pile by Misuzu Kaneko

Snow Pile

Snow on top must feel chilly, the cold moonlight piercing it. Snow on the bottom must feel burdened by the hundreds who tread on it. Snow in the middle must feel lonely with neither earth nor sky to look at. ~Misuzu Kaneko I came across this poem by Kaneko and was touched by the simplicity...

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