“What type of gift does a woman like to receive?”


The answer as to what type of gift a woman likes to receive is very simple-jewelry! Well at least to this woman. Now I am not talking about for every occasion or holiday, but for some real special event, jewelry always works for me. To me jewelry should have a special significance. Perhaps it is from a place you traveled to or maybe a family heirloom that is being passed along. Or it could be a piece from an artist that you met and admired her work. All of these would qualify as a special piece of jewelry that I would like to receive or in some cases that I would buy for myself!

Here is a recent jewelry find of mine that I happen to really like. This was bought in Prague, Czech Republic. My husband and I travelled there recently. It was a dream trip that we had saved for many years. My family is from the Czech Republic, however, no relative to date had every met anyone there. So on my quest to visit the most beautiful city in the world, I also had the opportunity to meet my family. It was very emotional and special!

Needless to say I needed to buy something from Prague to remember this special moment. The first piece I bought was from an artist on the Charles Bridge. There are numerous vendors that have little kiosks set up on the bridge. They sell anything from jewelry, to mugs, to artwork. After crossing the bridge many times daily as we toured the city, I kept seeing this one artist that I really liked. Finally on day 4, I stopped and bought a leather bracelet with metal work on it. She had bracelets and necklaces in all sizes and colors of leather and metals.


It is rough and edgy looking. To me the bracelet represents the Charles Bridge and all the intriguing statues and history behind them. Of course when I brought it home, my daughters tried to steal it. So I guess that means I bought something pretty cool.

The Czech Republic is also known for their Bohemian garnets.


They are in every shop on every corner. Thankfully we had a wonderful guide who steered us to a shop that carried genuine Bohemian garnets. Buyers beware: there are shops that sell fake ones. The garnets are so beautiful and it was a difficult decision on what to purchase. I decided to go with a traditional Bohemian pair of earrings set in silver. For my daughters I did buy them each a garnet ring. I did a good job here too, since I do see them wearing their rings often. I hope the ring is special to them since they know that their family is from the Czech Republic and that I picked it out for them. Perhaps someday they will pass it down to their daughter as a special gift.

Please let me know what piece of jewelry has special meaning to you? Where did you buy it?



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