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Great Gift Ideas

Looking for some good gifts to give? Check out this updated list for the book, body, and soul lovers in your life. Top gifts for the book lover: For the book lovers, there is a book light, a Kindle or Nook, an e-reader stand, a gift card and...

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“What type of gift does a woman like to receive?”

  The answer as to what type of gift a woman likes to receive is very simple-jewelry! Well at least to this woman. Now I am not talking about for every occasion or holiday, but for some real special event, jewelry always works for me. To...

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Fact! Women Love Jewelry

"FACT! Women love jewelry.” Embellish, ornament, beautify, prettify, enhance, garnish, gild and trim the body. In other words-jewelry! Body is not just about exercise, food, and health. It is also about adornments to the body. I thought I would share with you some beautiful jewelry that I have...

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