“Act of Kindness Day 14: Quit Your Complaining”

“Ah, Mondays. Just when you were finally getting caught up on your weekend RnR, it’s back to the grind again. And since the complaint-o-meter tends to go up to 11 on Mondays, for today’s AoK we want you make your best effort to turn off your complaints entirely for the whole day”

Mission Accomplished: Well this was challenging because-well…it was Monday. The first thing I wanted to do when I woke up was to complain about my sleepless night. The dog took up too much room and my husband snored. HOWEVER, I read my challenge for the day and kept my mouth shut.

I did start to complain to myself several times today. Just the usual stuff like my sore back, traffic, weather, some random people. When I found my mind thinking negatively, I interrupted myself and thought…Stop! No complaints! I would then refocus on what was around me and started noticing all the Christmas decorations.


The decorations are everywhere and I wasn’t really paying attention to them. So, thankfully this challenging Monday made me refocus and that turned out to be just fine!

See you tomorrow for another AoK day!


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