“Act of Kindness Day 15: Random Acts of Candy”

“Here’s a simple AoK for your Tuesday: random acts of candy! On your way in to work or during your lunch break, stop by your local donut shop or corner store and surprise your coworkers with some tasty treats. Or, alternatively, bring home some delicious snacks for your family after work – subsituting healthy alternatives like fresh fruit if your prefer a less cavity-inducing option.”

Mission Accomplished: Today, my dog and I were asked to visit the Netter Library at Quinnipiac University to help de-stress the students during exam time. So, it was only natural for me to bring the librarians a box of dark chocolate candies. I think the chocolates combined with petting a therapy dog was actually a good stress reliever for the librarians too. Thank you librarians for being so helpful all year long.


Have you been doing any acts of kindness? If so, let me know and share your story in the comments.

See you here tomorrow for another AoK!

If you have no idea why I am doing this, check out my original article “How to Deliver Acts of Kindness”.

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