“Act of Kindness Day 18: High Five”

“It’s Friday! High five! No really, for today’s AoK your task is to high-five as many people as you can. High five your kids, your dog, your neighbors, your bus driver, your barista…”

Mission accomplished: Ok, this was a little difficult for me since I really don’t go around giving high-fives normally. It felt very out of character and forced for me. For me, a high-five is given as a spontaneous gesture. With that being said, I did give my daughter a high-five. She returned home from finals and I spontaneously high-fived her in recognition of finishing her semester.


The other high-five was given to my dog. He loves to do it in order to get a treat!

IMG_9075 (1)

High Five Paw Print

Did you give any high-fives today? Let me know in the comments below.

See you tomorrow for another AoK!

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