Act of Kindness Day 20: Suggest an AoK

“Do you have a great AoK idea that you’d like to see in this year’s calendar? No, we’re not short of ideas for kind acts. But we thought we’d give you, our loyal readers, a chance to recommend Acts of Kindness of your own. So let us know your great ideas in the comment section below, ”

Mission Accomplished: Christmas cards take time and money. You pick out that special card, buy stamps, and address each one. Well, do an AoK and don’t do cards. Instead of sending out cards, take  your money or time and donate or volunteer to your favorite charity. That’s what I’m doing this year.


Thank you to all my friends and family who did take the time to extend Holiday wishes to us. I do appreciate it!

So, Merry Christmas everyone! I will be donating to a local charity instead of sending you a Christmas card. Please consider doing the same. Give hugs, send emails and give the money you save from not sending cards to charity. Just in case you wondered where my donation went…I sent it to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Foundation

IMG_9117 (1)

Have a wonderful holiday season!

See you tomorrow with another AoK and let me know what Act of Kindness you would suggest in the comments below.

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