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Wow! I attended the launch of the Believe Inspire Grow (B.I.G.) women’s network meeting. Over 125 women of all ages, backgrounds, and careers were in attendance. These were smart women, positive and supportive women. I had the opportunity to interact with women at every stage of the career game.

IMG_1374What is B.I.G.? According to their marketing material, “B.I.G. offers women entrepreneurs a positive and supportive community of peers, relevant business information, and meaningful relationship building opportunities. Our mission is to help women gain the support, inspiration, and tools they need to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment.” By using social media tools, expert speakers, and by capturing positive power from local monthly gatherings, B.I.G. enables women the opportunity to become more empowered and more informed.

IMG_1375This launch meeting was my second B.I.G. meeting. My first B.I.G. meeting was just as inspiring. The first meeting I attended as the guest of my best friend, Maria, from high school. She is brilliant and was the valedictorian of our class. I knew that whatever she was involved in was going to be good. I had heard her talk about this networking group of very intelligent and helpful women. When I walked into the room, I was immediately greeted and asked to put on a nametag. When I turned around, someone introduced herself to me and asked me what I did. From there I was introduced to more and more women. Each one handed me her business card. Unfortunately, I had no business cards, so I tore off pieces of paper with my name, number, and email scribbled on it. These women were helping me. I mean true, honest to goodness helpfulness. They knew someone who would talk to me or someone to help me. They were actually going to put me in contact with these people. Their actions were not phony; I could tell they meant what they said.

Soon we sat down and the leader, Meghan, asked us all to introduce ourselves in a minute or less. In that mix of women was a financial advisor, life coach, yoga studio owner, bakery owner, public relations specialist, economic development leader, writer, information technology specialist, real estate agent, reflexologist, social media expert, and many more. These women had experience in several other careers as well. When it came to my turn, I said, “I was laid off from my pharmaceutical sales job, I am still looking for a job; however, in the meantime I thought I would buy myself three domain names because I like to write. I am writing a children’s book, and I am taking an online class called “Developing Your Online Presence” (more on that later in other blog post). I thought I should try to learn a new skill set in between my interviews because they are few and far between.” The meeting then progressed to a brainstorming session where a woman would present her business and her issue that she needed help with. For example, how to draw more clients in or what is the best way to introduce a new product. A timer was set and then this amazingly smart group of women helped her. I mean, really helped. Again I was witness to women supporting other women, just as they had earlier during the greeting session with me. I actually sat there thinking, these ladies could solve world peace and our current economic crisis. These women were freely sharing their ideas, information, and resources. As the meeting was winding down, one woman approached me, whom I had not met, and whispered for my name and number. She, Cyma, felt she could be of assistance. Well, on my drive home she called me. Cyma Shapiro asked me to be a guest blogger on her website! She felt I had “something to say”, “a voice”. I was thrilled. Now here I was a direct recipient of a woman helping me when I really didn’t know what to do next. We talked and discussed what I would write. The next thing I knew, my article was on her website. If you would like to see it again, here it is.

Her belief in me pushed me quickly to get my website up and running. It propelled me to suddenly take action. This belief and support in me truly epitomizes the magic of B.I.G. in helping women move forward. If you want to find out more about B.I.G. go to:

What do you do to find support, inspiration, and personal fulfillment? Let me know.



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