“Day 8 – Make Lemonade”

Day 8: Make Lemonade
“Internet cut out again? Pick up a book and rediscover the joy or reading. Did kitty cough up another fur ball? It might make a lovely ornament for the tree.
The really great thing about this activity is that it gets you to actually look forward to those slighly inconvenient life events, and turn them into something potentially full of joy. And isn’t that what the season is all about?”
What will be your act of kindness today?

Day 8 Mission Accomplished:

I did have internet issues all day today. It made my work take so much longer than it needed to. So, instead of getting frustrated, I got happy and started decorating for Christmas!IMG_8963 Have lemons, make lemonade. Check.

Check back tomorrow for Day 9 of Acts of Kindness



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