Heart’s Center

The kiss is soft and exacting. Just the way it's suppose to feel. Attentive, alert, and searching. An intense tension of moment. Holding and yielding. The lips quiver as they quicken with wanting. The touch is like a blanket for the soul. Protective and warm, caressing the heart. Hands move together to heart's center and clutch to each other as the layers fall...

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Books to Read

Great Gift Ideas

Looking for some good gifts to give? Check out this updated list for the book, body, and soul lovers in your life. Top gifts for the book lover: For the book lovers, there is a book light, a Kindle or Nook, an e-reader stand, a gift card and...

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Getting Unstuck

It's pretty great being over 50 years old! Well, at least at this moment. I'm finally accepting of my new role as mom of an empty nest. I'm learning that I have more time for me and I only get interrupted by the dog. These...

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“Evening Sky”

As grace slips behind And a fire feeds the trees The night calls to me [caption id="attachment_1435" align="alignnone" width="768"] Evening Sky[/caption]...

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Act of Kindness Day 17: Send a Song

"Think of a song that invokes a happy memory involving someone you care about. Then find that song on YouTube and email that person a link to the video. You might also want to add a brief note telling them how the song reminds you...

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