“How I Discovered Some Beautiful “me” Time.”

So, being an empty nester has freed me some ”me” time. I recently visited a wonderful place called the Copper Beech Institute in West Hartford CT. It’s a place of healing and mindfulness. On this particular day, it was also a day to see the Tibetan monks of Drepung Gomang Monastic College. The Tibetan monks were there to create a sand mandala.


Tibetan monks creating a sand mandala

The Tibetan sand mandala is an elaborate circular sand painting. It has a powerful effect that can transmit positive energy of purification and healing to the environment and to the people who view it. As I came upon the room where it was being created, I was struck by how peaceful I felt. Watching each grain of sand being deposited into the painting, I was lulled into a hypnotic trance of amazement. They were creating something so intricate and beautiful. This particular mandala featured many of the worlds’ religious symbols side by side. It was being created as a symbol of world peace. So many colors, patterns, and designs shaped a cohesive unit of beauty. After many days and hours, the mandala was finally finished. Once completed, the monks sent prayers to the universe for world peace. They then destroyed the mandala in a sweeping swirl of color in order to teach the lesson of impermanence. The very nature of our existence is temporary. Finally, the mandala was deposited into a body of flowing water. This gesture was another way of sharing the mandala’s blessings to all.


In reflecting on the symbolism of how this mandala was created and destroyed, I gained a better insight into my own emerging path at mid-life. So much of our life is out of our control and that is truly frightening to me. However, knowing that it is up to me to create a bright, mindful place of harmony around me and inside me gives me a sense of calmness in an otherwise tumultuous world.


I continued walking through Copper Beech Institute and passed through an art gallery about the Tree of Life.IMG_8791

Each artist displayed their vision of what the tree of life meant to them. Each work of art was as diverse as each person’s thoughts. It was a wonderful tribute to the individuality and beauty within each of us.


At the Copper Beech Institute

Once outside, I meandered through the grounds and found such wonderful surprises. I discovered a labyrinth and some lovely spots to sit and think – or not think. Breathing in the crisp air of the day, I got to thinking…this “me” time is beautiful!


If you want some “me” time and want to learn more about the Copper Beech Institute, click here. It’s worth the trip!

What do you do for some “me” time? Please share in the comments below.



  • I’m so thankful you were able to join us Lori. May your thoughtful words be an important reminder to us in the midst of an often busy time. We hope you’ll visit us again at Copper Beech soon!

    December 9, 2015 at 3:55 am

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