In the Beauty of Differences

Beauty of Differences

Summer, Fall. Give, take. Triumphant turns. At transition, a peaceful co-existence. Notice. Flourish in the beauty of differences.                                                                        Enjoy your transition from...

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A Father's Love

A Father’s Love

"A father teaches how to live by living a life of example. A father teaches how to respect by always being there for family. A father teaches how to dream by encouragement and belief. A father teaches how to trust by countless acts of unselfishness. A father teaches how...

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bench photo image source: Copper Beach Institute

On Awaken Everyday

I’m so delighted to contribute an essay to Copper Beach Institute's Awaken Everyday blog, a great site for mindfulness and "real life wisdom for living a life of calm, compassion, and true happiness." My most recent piece about The Gift of Mindfulness was just published.  I...

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Waggleview® with blogger Katie Clooney

Dog Owner name:  Katie Clooney 
I write a blog called Preppy Empty Nester.  I am in my 40's, give or take a decade or two, living the dream on the South Shore of Massachusetts.  I have been married to the Mister for 26 years and have two...

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