Books to Read

Great Gift Ideas

Looking for some good gifts to give?

Check out this updated list for the book, body, and soul lovers in your life.

Top gifts for the book lover:

For the book lovers, there is a book light, a Kindle or Nook, an e-reader stand, a gift card and of course books! Here’s a link to one of my favorite books on “The Essentials of Fabulous” by Ellen Lubin-Sherman.

Of course, you can always choose one of the 30 Books You Need to Read to Earn “Well Read Status”. Your reader may have read many of these but there are few on the list that I would like try.

Here are also some books that are on my table.

Books to Read

If you have book lover who also likes to write, check out these wonderful gifts ideas. You may want to disregard the Fountain pen priced at $65,000. However, I’ll take a bunch of roller ball pens, please!

 Top gifts for the body:

Friends who are into the “body” are an easy group to buy for. They love to work out, eat healthy and could also be people who are usually up to date to the trends of fashion.

Foam Roller/Exercise

The foam roller has been around in physical therapy for a while, however, it is just now that fitness friends have been adding it to their workout regimen. Not only can it provide total conditioning, and core exercises, but it can also provide myofacial release. Fascial fitness is what it’s all about now in the fitness world. For your fitness friends, rolling their sore, tight muscles on the roller gives them a mini massage.

The foam roller and an exercise book/dvd would be a great gift for your exercise-loving friend. I am a big fan of the foam roller! A couple of different ones is nice to have around .

You can find the foam rollers just about everywhere today. So check around your local stores or Google it on the Internet.

Here are some examples of foam rollers at the links below:

Fit and Me Foam Roller review

Power Systems Foam Roller


Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment


Is there a healthy eater on your list? The VITAMIX is the way to go! Smoothies, soups, dips, nut butters, and so much more can be made so easily.


No list would be complete without talking about jewelry. There is some who would love the latest jewelry trend and you can always find that over on ETSY. Whether it’s pendants, beaded bracelets, statement rings, or necklaces…you will find something for your jewelry lover.

Top gifts for the soul:

For many gift givers, finding a gift that nourishes the soul is important. This can be through giving a soul searcher some peace, an eco-friendly and sustainable materials gift, or even supporting a charitable organization where each sale benefits by making a difference to a cause.


For the soul searcher and Zen seeker, the gift of meditation is a gift that continually gives. What a great way to honor your friends’ commitment to meditation by giving them time and some tools to meditate. Who can’t use a little peace and tranquility in their life?

Follow passion, and purpose while discovering true freedom through the Copper Beach Institute. I completed their Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course, which was wonderful.  There are, however, many meditation tools and retreats to choose from at the link below.


Eco-Friendly Gifts

The eco-friendly gift can be healthy gifts, when made with all natural products or without toxic chemicals. Some good ideas for this category are bamboo items. They can range from serving bowls, dishware, picture frames, and clothing. Here’s a link to BAMBECO.

Other natural and organic skincare ideas can be found over on GOOP which gives a nice breakdown of the best products out there for your skin.

Gifts that Give Back

What better gift for the soul than a gift from the heart to help. A donation to your friends’ favorite charity or organization is a wonderful idea. Perhaps a gift from ROSIE’S PLACE that supports handmade greeting cards, handcrafted jewelry and bookmarks by women in a Boston shelter.

Here is another example of a gift for the soul: A buy-a-pair, give-a-pair where you buy one and one for a charity. A great example of this give back spirit is TOMS where you buy a pair of shoes and they donate a pair of shoes. THE COMPANY STORE  also has a buy one, give one program where they will donate a comforter to a homeless child for each purchase of one.

If you have some great ideas for gifts that nourish the book, body, or soul lover, please share your comments below.

Don’t forget one of the most important gifts of all…the gift of time. Give time to others and give some time for yourself too.

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